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June 25, 2019
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The tiling of your home contributes greatly to its overall beauty and attractiveness. It requires some critical considerations to choose the perfect tiles that will add a glamour to your home interior. It may be hard at first making a choice but with the following tips which we have compiled to help you, you can never go wrong. Here are some key guidelines to make things easier for you.

#1: First, think about the style of your home

There are some tiles that work perfectly for some home designs. You can make use of online magazines to check for images that of tiles that will suit your home. No matter how catchy a tile is, don’t choose it if works against the style of your home.

#2: Consider the room size

If your room is small in size, using large tiles make it feel airier and larger. You should put it in mind that there are some tiles that are meant for walls and not for floors. Using floor tiles on walls would make the room look cohesive and you can’t use wall tiles on the floor because of its strength. You can opt for light-colored tiles if your room is small because it makes small spaces look bigger. Larger room can go with any color of tiles, so there are no color restrictions. If you are, however, worried about where to get quality tiles that are best for your room, you can check out places like Carreaux Metro ceramiques.

#3: Tile size

Don’t use small tiles for larger spaces like sitting rooms and bedrooms. Instead, use them for smaller sections of the home like toilets, kitchen, and bathrooms. Larger tiles are suitable for sitting rooms and bedrooms and they make the beauty of the room eminent.

#4: Tile color

Tiles are not the major focus of a room but you cannot overemphasize the impact they have on other features of a room. Choose colors that either gives a serene and relaxing feel or those that give a moody and atmospheric feel depending on what you want to achieve in the room you are tiling. You can use contrasting colors for your kitchen and a restful and relaxing color for your bathroom.

#5: Grout

The grout color is also an important factor to consider. A grout in complementary colors as the tile always gives a subtle effect while a contrasting grout will emphasize lines and design. Protect your grouted areas to keep them from being stained. You can do this by sealing them completely to keep them shining always.

Jasper Mark

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